年  代: 2018

国  家: 美国

类  别: 纪录片

语  言: 英语

字  幕: 英文原版

上映日期: 2019-03-10

文件格式: mkv

视频效果: 4K(3840×2160)

资源大小: 13.81 GB

片  长: 50 分钟

导  演: 比尔·普尔曼

剧情简介: It\’s a place where snow meets fiery underground forces and where waters travel from Rocky Mountain peaks to the Great Plains. This is Yellowstone, home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and wildlife in America. Join host Bill Pullman on an exploration of its colorful springs and raging waters, its glittering winters and lush summers, and its returning packs of predators and vast array of winged creatures.

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